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Lessons and Clinics

From private and semi-private lessons to multi-day clinics, find our options below.

Privates and Semi-Privates


These lessons are for up to 4 students at a time. They can range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Available for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. For semi-privates all players should have similar skill level. 

Beginner Introduction 1-4 Students - 1.5 Hours $180 / 1 Hour $150

General and Specific Skills 1-4 People - 2 Hours - Beg. and Int. $220

General and Specific Skills 3-4 People - 3 Hours - Beg. and Int. $320

Play, Observation and Modification 3 Students Only - 1.5 Hour - $180



General Skills 5-8 People - 3 Hours - Beg. and Int. $600 (Total)

General Skills 5-8 People - 5 Hours - Beg. and Int. $800

General Skills 5-8 People - 10 Hours (2 Days) - Beg. and Int. $1400

Specific Skills 5-8 People - 3 Hours - Int. and Adv. $600

Specific Skills 5-8 People - 5 Hours - Int. and Adv. $800

Contact us for info on 3-Day Clinics



Camps and Multi-Day Clinics 


Organize your own multi-day clinic or camp. From 1 Day double session camps to comprehensive 3 Day camps and clinics that cover all the basics as well as advanced skills. From 4 to 16 players. Contact us for information and quotes. 

Certifications and Ratings 


If you're looking to participate in one of the many USAPA sanctioned tournaments, you must have an official rating. Schedule a rating session through IPTPA or contact us so we can help you through the process. If you're a club or resort looking to rate your players we can help.


If you're a Pro looking to be IPTPA Certified we can offer workshops as well as supervise your Skills Test and Observed Lesson. Contact us for more info. 

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