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Specialty Clinics, Certifications and Ratings

Go beyond the basics with the following Advanced Specialty Skills

The Serve


It's not just about getting the serve in deep. In this clinic you will learn about the advantages of changing up your serve with a short serve, a lob serve, stacking, the I-Formation and the Kamikaze.  

1 Hour - $120

Third Shot Intensive

We'll take a close look at mechanics, placement, shot choices including the drop and drive and when to move up and when to stay back. 

1 Hour - $120

1.5 Hours - $180 (includes 5th shot and 7th shot. Preferably 2 person minimum.

Third and Fourth Shot Intensive

The fourth shot is perhaps the most ignored shot in pickleball, but it is key in keeping your opponents from a) getting to the kitchen and b) scoring points. In this clinic we focus on understanding and executing most successful strategies for the fourth shot while also practicing your third shot. 

1.5 Hours - $180

2 Hours - $240. Preferably 2 person minimum.

Play with the Pro

For three players only. Careful analysis and observation of players' abilities, shot selection and patterns in real play situation. Real time modification to improve skills and choices.

1.5 to 3 Hours - Play with the Pro Clinic

Certifications and Ratings 


If you're looking to participate in one of the many USAPA sanctioned tournaments, you must have an official rating. Schedule a rating session through IPTPA or contact us so we can help you through the process. If you're a club or resort looking to rate your players we can help.


If you're a Pro looking to be IPTPA Certified and have passed the written exam, we can supervise your Skills Test and Observed Lesson. Contact us for more info. 

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