Are you ready to improve your game? You've come to the right place. ​

Whether your goal is to master your third shot drop, move up to a higher skill level or learn more winning strategies, our lessons, clinics and camps are designed and tailored to your needs. Pickleball is terrific fun from the moment you step on the court, but as you improve you'll find that there are some skills you just get stuck on. We can help undo those bad habits so you can discover a new level of enjoyment for the game we love.

Covid-19 Updates: Sadly, both our 3 Day Pre 2021 Bainbridge CUP English Open Bootcamp and our IPTPA Teach the Teacher Workshops in the UK have been postponed. We hope to have rescheduling updates soon. 
Thank you Tres Palapas Pickleball Resort and the Mexican Pickleball Federation for inviting me to help turn your Federation into a World Power.
Thank you Pickleball England for a fantastic two weeks of clinics, play and sight-seeing. Click here for Gallery.
Roberto Donati